About us

The Phoolbaari Nepal welfare organization was founded in 1998 as a non-profit and charity organization. At the same time the Phoolbaari Sewa Association (Phoolbaari Service Center) was founded in the Nepalese City of Pokhara. Together we share the same goal: in several projects we are aiming to help poor, sick and needy people. We are providing these people with medical care, treatments and medication from Germany and Nepal.

Unfortunately, due to the high costs of most medications, we cannot give all the necessary medications and treatments free of charge.

Many German and Nepalese volunteers are working together to support our project to keep the expenses as low as possible. Only a nurse, a health assistant or a doctor and young volunteers are paid due to the great work of all these volunteers.

For administration and management we only have small expenses because our donations should arrive, where there are needed. That we promise. However, nowadays it is difficult to find people with social commitment and engagement. But this is what we are looking for ! Also we are looking for people who are willing to pay for the sponsorship of Nepalese school children and help disabled and sick people that need assistance and medical care.