Health Post in Bhackal

The health post is a building with examination rooms, bed rooms and living rooms for the medical staff. The health post was built in cooperation with the Nepalese government. Therefore, one half of the building is financed of the government and the other half of our assosiation. The government provides the health post with a medical person who is not a doctor. Our association provides a doctor or health post assistent. The medical devices e.g. ultrasound, ECG and X-ray machine will be available from our assosiation. In the corresponding village Bhackal our association has set up a small pharmacy, where also be made medical examinations and where the people of the surrounding villages medicine can get. At unsteady intervals we provide trained doctors (otolaryngologists, dentists, etc.) to the Helath post

Location of health post

Drive on the road from Pokhara to Kathmandu and get off the road at Dulegauda. The village Dulegauda is located 24 kilometers from Pokhara. From there you have to take a small jeep that goes to Sakher. It takes about 60 minutes by jeep, until you arrive in Chabbdi. Get off and walk in Chabbdi about 15 minutes on foot to reach our health post. The health post building has 8 rooms, where you can stay as guest. We have water and a small shower. For shopping you have to drive to Pokhara or Dulegauda, for this you can use our jeep. If you do not want to stay in the health post, you can come every day from Pokhara to the health post, but the ride is due to poor road quite strenuous and adventurous, and takes about 2 hours.

"Health Day"

On this day we have arranged many doctors who wanted to help the patients to overcome their serious illnesses. For this action we have advertised on the radio of Nepal and the people came in to get help from specialists. It was simply overwhelming, as approximately 1,000 patients in our little "Health Post" and were patiently waiting (for this purpose, we have the school close to our Healt used as health post ans so we were able there for several people simultaneously). Your donations from Germany and the helping volunteer doctors from Nepal have made this campaign possible.