School Projects

Additionally our organization would like to improve the medical care and the living conditions of the rural population. Therefore, we support projects in schools. Here as well we make sure that the locals participate in the , according to our principle: help to help themselves. In the community of Bhackal the Primary School was renovated and in cooperation with another organization, additional classrooms were built. To improve the teachers situation, an additional teacher at this school was funded by our organization. -

  • Extension and renovation of the primary school in Bhackal
  • Extensiion of the Higher Secondary School in Chabbdi
  • Renovation of the school in Sankhe In the neighboring town Chabbdi an extension to the Higher Secondary School and a public library were build and equipped

For some disabled and poor children were taken from the surrounding community sponsorships

Primary School in Bhackal

In the community Bhackal therei s a Primary School built by Government. Approximately 80 students vistits this school from the classes 1 to 3. This Primary School has been renovated by us in collaboration with another organization, additional classrooms was built. To improve the situation of teachers, our club financed an additional teacher at the school.