Support and Service

Our association would like to improve the medical care of the local population. Since only a very low-developed medical infrastructure was available, with little action a substantial improvement can be achieved.

In the past, sick people often has to walk several hours to a hospital. Therefore, we have stationed a 4 wheel ambulance car. This service makes the transportation from the villages to Pokhara possible.

In the villages in the area small pharmacies were established for medicine that may require by the local people or our medical staff. In this pharmacies medical examinations are also possible. The patients received the medicine after the examination at a discounted rate and must not be walks a long distance to the nearest health centers.  

In the health centers we enable simple laboratory examinations. For this purpose we have provided X-ray, ECG and ultrasound equipment.

Foreign doctors who are thankfully work without pay conduct examinations and medications. For example in 2010 the German dentist Dr. Knegten works a week in Sankhe  In recent years, we try to work tohether with volunteer. Thus for example some medical students have helped the the local doctors in the care of patients. A welcome side effect here was the Nepali language training. We hope thereby to promote the interest of young people for humanitarian activities in Nepal.

Ambulance Service